As an innovator of WLAN, UBILITE Inc., will develop the world’s lowest peak power WLAN Silicon on Chip (SoC) that will beat existing products off the shelf by at least ten fold.

Our design focuses on the following:

  • Ubilite’s Ultra Low Power Connectivity SoC (ULP 802.11)
    This will be the first Connectivity SoC that will operate using coin cell solid state or printed batteries along with energy harvesting, leading to exceptionally long life without the need for battery replacement or recharging.

    • ULP 802.11’s Novel System Design
      • Novel Ultra Low Power RF Baseband and MAC architecture
      • Use of low voltage circuits
      • Integrated DC-DC converter supporting a multitude of power sources ranging from batteries to energy harvesting
      • Intelligent Power Management
      • Integrated interfaces for sensing, and controls
      • IPV6/ IPV4, and Mesh Network support
      • Use of latest small geometry and low power fabrication processes
    • Highest Battery Life
      This will be the first solution that puts minimal drain on battery with well managed sleep states. The customers will be able to use the device without the need to change the batteries for exceptionally long periods and even longer through the use energy harvesting.
    • Low Foot Print
      Our Connectivity SoC has the least memory foot print for the Firmware and Software while offering great performance and functionality.
    • Compatibility to existing IoE clouds
      Our Connectivity SoC will have drivers that will support SEP 2.0, Zatar, Open source software from Open Interconnect Consortium and works well with Allseen Alliance stack.
    • Complete reference design modules and software tools for development and deployment.