UBILITE Inc. is a San Diego-based fabless semiconductor company that designs and markets Ultra Low Power (ULP) 802.11 based wireless connectivity products for the Internet of Everything (IoE). The company is a pioneer in designing Ultra Low Power (ULP), disposable and wearable Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs), which will be used extensively in sensing, and control of consumer and enterprise applications.

Ubilite offers connectivity solutions consisting of:

  • Ultra Low Power 802.11 Systems on a Chip (SoC)s with 10x better power consumption than the competition, built-in IPV6 and IPV4 protocol support, wake up radio, integrated power management, sensing and control interfaces
  • Connectivity and application development tools and software
  • Embedded connectivity modules with integrated processing, energy harvesting and battery integration to be used as a development tool for Ultra Low Power and disposable IoE applications