The Internet of Everything (IoE) is connecting devices and sensors in consumer wearables, at home and in enterprUbilite Officeise to the Internet. IoE promises significant return on investment and new application opportunities for industrial automation, asset tracking, building control, retail, automotive, home automation, consumer mobile and wearables. IoE uses the existing Internet infrastructure but builds on connecting all devices at home, office, enterprise and public networks to the cloud, enabling users to access the information and control devices remotely.


Ideally data communicated to and from IoE enabled things should integrate seamlessly with the current Internet Infrastructure. The prevailing ubiquitous protocol layer that can seamlessly connect things to the Internet is the IP protocol and 802.11 WLAN. However due to lack of Ultra Low Power 802.11 WLAN SoCs, other less ubiquitous low power wireless connectivity solutions have been used to connect things, thus restricting applications.

UBILITE’s Innovation

UBILITE Inc. is developing the lowest power 802.11 WLAN SoC on the market with a factor 3x better power consumption than comparable solutions while providing resilient performance. The Ultra Low Power requirements enable very long battery life, or the ability to use energy harvesting.

The SoC integrates support for IP protocol, on-board power management, and interfaces required to integrate with sensors and legacy systems. Connectivity and development software and modules are provided allowing for efficient and cost effective development, and deployment.

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